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One of the most difficult challenges for range owners is getting new people to consider coming to the range to learn how to shoot. Sometimes an even bigger challenge is trying to get that new person to return to the range to continue shooting. Some potential new shooters have a fear of taking that first step to go into a range. Even after taking that first step and taking a class, some new shooters are still timid about shooting and seek more information on how to become a better shooter. He or she may even be looking for information on other shooting sports activities. These new shooters are seeking knowledge.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation and First Shots are proud to introduce First Shots News, a free digital newsletter dedicated to new and beginning shooters. This monthly newsletter contains articles, videos and product information to help beginning shooters become more knowledgeable and help improve their shooting skills. New shooters have lots of questions, but without proper knowledge and understanding, they may not know what questions to ask. First Shots News will fill in some of the blanks and help beginning shooters become more confident in their abilities and understanding of shooting and the shooting sports.

Research has shown that many recent purchasers of firearms are first-time buyers, and that is great news. The reasons for firearm purchases are as diverse as the people who are purchasing them. Whether the new firearms owner will be using their gun for target shooting or personal protection, they will find information of value in First Shots News. It will have something for everyone. We want these new buyers to enjoy their new purchases, and what better way to do that than through education and encouragement. First Shots News will provide a means to reach new shooters by presenting a great variety of topics, different ways of looking at things and insights on new products.

Some experienced shooters may receive this newsletter and think the information is way too basic. That might be true. As the old saying goes, however, “You can always learn something from someone.” The newsletter will feature articles and videos from a variety of instructors and outdoor professionals. A concept or different way of doing something that you have been doing for years might be presented in a way you had never thought of before.

For the new and beginning shooter this newsletter will be a place to go for information—not  only in the actual newsletter, but also through the newsletter’s links to other places on the world wide web that some experienced shooters have found, but the beginning shooter has yet to discover. Consider this newsletter to be a community for the new and beginning shooters with resources for all to share.

The newsletter will feature a random giveaway each month sponsored by Bass Pro Shops. The reasons for the random giveaways will vary from individuals sharing their first shooting experience to photos of friends and family shooting together.

The greatest value of the newsletter is how much it will be shared with others. The goal is to reach every potential new, actual new, and intermediate and experienced shooter. The newsletter will have something for everyone, whether target shooter, competition shooter or hunter.

So, when you receive your copy of First Shots News, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends, family, co-workers and, most importantly, customers. Post it on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The more new people we can bring into the shooting sports the better it will be for all of us. New shooters are the future of our sport. Not only will we make new customers and members, but we will also add new voices in the fight to preserve our rights to continue owning firearms and enjoying our favorite pastime.

For more information on First Shots News, how to contribute, sponsor or general questions, please email us at firstshotsnews@nssf.org. View the first edition and then subscribe for free.

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