Sighting In — 01 May 2013

Manufacturers Offer Discounts on Steel Targets

Soon after the National Shooting Sports Foundation announced a Steel Target Grant Program to provide support for shooting ranges that plan to begin or expand Ruger Rimfire Challenge target-shooting events, a flood of applications poured in, forcing closure of new grant applications. The submitted applications were for a total of 26 steel target grant packages worth $30,000, for targets suitable for both indoor and outdoor target shooting ranges.

Despite the closure of the first round of grant applications, the two participating steel-target manufacturers are continuing their participation in this program by offering substantial discounts to interested shooting facilities.

Action Target and MGM Targets are extending generous discounts on steel targets to ranges that are NSSF members in good standing that commit to hosting public Ruger Rimfire Challenge events.

“We recognize these targets can be expensive,” said Zach Snow, NSSF manager, shooting promotions. “Our goal in providing steel-target sets is to help both ranges and the program by growing the number of participants in the Ruger Rimfire Challenge.”

The Ruger Rimfire Challenge focuses on introducing people of all ages to the shooting sports in a safe, supportive and fun environment. The .22 caliber firearms and ammunition used in this friendly competition format are inexpensive and result in light recoil, making the program suitable for practically everyone. Participants in this popular nationwide program must use static steel targets.

The NSSF Steel Target Grant Program is open to any public or private shooting range that hosts public Ruger Rimfire Challenge events. The program is a cooperative effort between NSSF and the two target manufacturers.

For more information on the special discounts from Action Target and MGM Targets and to be put on the mailing list for future announcements of target-grant programs, visit To learn more about the Ruger Rimfire Challenge, visit

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