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NSSF.org: The Firearms Industry’s Clearing House of Information

NSSF.org provides a wealth of resources to assist all aspects of the firearms industry. For the manufacturers, retailers, shooting ranges, hunters, shooters and those people who are eager to learn more about firearms safety or that want to get into the business in some capacity, NSSF.org is the place to go. Here are highlights of some of the many invaluable resources through NSSF.org of particular interest to shooting ranges and firearms retailers.

NSSF.org/retailers is the go-to section for established retailers and those interested in getting into the retail business.  This section highlights resources and services to help you create and strengthen your business while ensuring you remain in compliance as a Federal Firearms Licensee. For example, the resources section serves as our retailer clearing house of information. This page provide you with a taste of the many tools and services NSSF offers to the established and prospective retailer.  For tools, you can view a variety of webinars and videos, download  compliance tools we’ve produced to protect the industry, request a 4473 Overlay Guide, get involved with the “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” national campaign and find out more information about any upcoming compliance seminars.  NSSF retailer publications and reports such as the Financial Benchmarking Report created by the NSSF research team are also featured on this page. As for services available to firearms retailers, NSSF’s FFL Compliance Consulting Program provides assistance to the FFL holder to ensure their business is prepared to pass an ATF compliance inspection with flying colors. Lastly, the new NSSF Premium Retailer Membership is designed to provide the best protection and benefits in the industry.  If you’re looking for the best, you get the best with this Premium Membership.  Sign up today to ensure you’re not missing out on the many added benefits this membership offers.

The shooting range community is one of the most influential branches of our industry.  You serve as the entertainment venue for our industry. We as an industry count on you – the range owner/operator — to attract new gun owners and shooters by creating positive experiences that engage them to become more active in shooting sports.

NSSF.org/ranges is the one stop source for the shooting range community and those exploring the idea of getting into the business. This section features the many services, programs, educational tools and publications NSSF offers to help ranges promote, protect and preserve their businesses. Similar to the retail section of NSSF.org, the Range Resources section serves as the clearing house of information for the range owner or operator and the new or established shooter. The Digital Library provides a large number of articles covering the many aspects of range ownership and functionality. Topics covered in this section include customer service, staff, environmental management, marketing and many more. Publications is a PDF catalog that provides information on the variety of different range publications, safety posters, videos and safety literature available. One thing to note: As an NSSF member, you have access to all of these publications in PDF through the members login section of the website. NSSF members can also order hard copies of these publications and the retail publications through the members-only shopping cart feature available on the login section.  The Suppliers and Consultants section is a categorized list of individuals and companies that provide a variety of product and service needs. NSSF research provides ranges with the tools they need to stay informed while also providing those who are in the exploratory stages with the chance to order a Customized Market Report and other reports could prove to be extremely helpful while in the business-planning stages.  If, however, you’re currently exploring the idea or are in the developmental stages of opening a shooting range and retail business, the first thing you need to order from NSSF is the NSSF Indoor Range & Retail Development Workshop DVD package! In this must-have DVD package you will gain knowledge on the important aspects of getting started in the business from people with proven track records who want to steer you down the road to success.

In addition to the resources mentioned, this page also includes information on other programs such as NSSF’s First Shots, Youth Programs offering shooting sports opportunities and NSSF’s Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative. This page also showcases some of the resources NSSF has developed to engage the shooter community in becoming more active. Wheretoshoot.org is the web’s most comprehensive state-by-state range directory, which now offers a free mobile app for the traveler who likes to visit ranges while on the road. Pull the Trigger is NSSF’s e-newsletter that provides video tips for men and women from experts in target shooting, hunting, firearm maintenance, game cooking and other firearm-related topics. If your range is looking to enhance its current e-newsletter, we strongly encourage you to incorporate any of Pull the Trigger’s content into yours to help drive more traffic to your range. Also, if your range is looking for a good introductory video on range safety and etiquette, I strongly encourage you to use the Range Safety Video on this page.  Many ranges across the country are now using this video when welcoming new people to their ranges and in their stores.

You should be reminded that, in addition to these many range-related resources, NSSF’s website can fill you in on helpful consulting service programs, educational workshops and promotional tools offered to the range community. Regulatory compliance is a major priority for NSSF. Ranges must be prepared for surprise visits from two federal regulatory agencies, the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and to better prepare the range community for such unexpected visits, NSSF is hosting a Lead Management & OSHA Compliance Workshop in Dallas, Texas, on May 18-20.  If you’re an indoor range-retail business owner or operator this workshop is a must attend event. NSSF also offers two different consulting service programs, the Range Action Specialists Program and the NSSF Range Compliance Consultant Program.  Through both of these member-benefit programs NSSF will help subsidize the cost of the consultant’s services.  Last, but not least, is the NSSF Five Star rating program.  This program serves a multi-purpose. One, it’s a great template or tool for the individuals who are in the developmental and business-planning stages.  Two, it’s a great tool for the established range to review its existing business model to see if there is anything it can or should incorporate into its vision to help build the business.  If your range does meet the criteria to be recognized as a Five Star range then apply and become part of the growing list of Five Star ranges.

Of course, one of the greatest online assets offered by NSSF is what you are reading now. The Range Report is the electronic publication and website, linked to nssf.org/ranges, that helps the range owner run his or her facility more environmentally, legally and fiscally sound and provide the ultimate experience for customers and members.

As you can see, the resources available to the range and retail communities are extensive and continue to grow.  You can learn about all of them at nssf.org.

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