Sighting In — 03 October 2013

NSSF Rolls Out New Range Compliance Consulting Program

In response to shooting range businesses seeing more visits by regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) has launched a new Range Compliance Consulting Program.

The program will assist range businesses in dealing with these sometimes intimidating visits by providing education on regulatory requirements and helping ranges take corrective action and implement programs required by OSHA to protect and ensure a bright future for your business.

“Over the last year I have fielded an increased number of calls and emails from ranges having to deal with regulatory visits,” said Zach Snow, NSSF’s manager of shooting promotions. “For many it’s a moment of panic and fear that they have not been doing what is required to stay compliant. As a business owner, you have only one valid approach if you wish to avoid experiencing that panic and fear–be proactive, so ‘when they come’ you and your staff are prepared.” Read NSSF’s press release on this program and get more details on the NSSF website.

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