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Q: What makes your range stand out as a Five Star facility?


Dave Driscoll, Point Blank Range, Mooresville, N.C.

Q&A--Driscoll photoA. At Point Blank Range we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and attention to make their experience memorable, informative and safe. Firearms education is our emphasis, and we are positioning ourselves as the premiere shooting sports training academy in the Carolinas with eighteen NRA Instructors, two NRA Counselors, four NC CCH instructors and a company policy that all our employees successfully become NRA-certified Range Safety Officers as a condition of employment. Our NRA counselors provide training and certification for potential new instructors and the public as well as our staff. Our instructors are the same knowledgeable associates our customers encounter in our retail store. We pride ourselves in being uniquely qualified to educate and advise in all aspects of firearms use and selection.

In the past decade we have seen a surge in demand for concealed carry permits and people from all walks of life turning to firearms for personal safety and self defense. At the same time recreational shooting and competitive shooting sports are on the rise. We feel that emphasis on proper training and preparedness is critical for all those choosing to own and carry firearms. Too often we encounter folks that have been advised on what kind of gun to purchase without giving thought and consideration to preparing themselves to store, handle, carry and, if necessary, deploy a firearm in their own defense. This lack of education and training could lead to tragic, unintended results.

Point Blank Range’s business model is similar to many of the newer shooting sports facilities around the country combining a safe place to shoot, a comprehensive retail selection of firearms and accessories with lots of opportunities to pursue necessary skills and training for whatever shooting activities are intended. Emphasizing firearms education and training is our mission, and our goal is to raise awareness and competency for those firearms owners who understand how critical proper preparedness is.

We offer instruction ranging from the care and cleaning of your firearm to advanced defensive and tactical skills. We have students preparing for recreational shooting, self-defense and the competitive shooting sports. We offer classroom instruction as well as one-on-one instruction tailored to specific goals established by our instructors with their students. We have students from age 8 to well into their 70s all safely enjoying their shooting sport and improving their skills though training and practice under the guidance of qualified professionals. Our dedication to advancing awareness of safe firearms practices and promoting firearms education is what has most prominently made Point Blank Range an NSSF Five Star range and a revered member of our shooting sports community.


Roxanne Lanney, Shoot Smart Indoor Range & Training Center, Fort Worth, Texas

LaneyA. Friendly people. Uniforms. Private suites. Gun-rental policy and large rental fleet. Superb training along a path to proficiency. On-site gunsmith. Shooters’ lounge. Rates for every pocketbook. No time limits. Call-ahead system for busy days. Valet parking . Memberships. Events, parties and leagues. Family atmosphere. Walk-in instruction.

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