Sighting In — 01 January 2013

Study Emphasizes Making It Fun When Introducing New Shooters

Armed with findings of a new study on what motivates people to participate, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reminds sportsmen and women to keep it “fun and social” when introducing newcomers to the shooting sports.

“This is a great time of year to invite newcomers out to the range to learn about target shooting. Knowing to keep things ‘fun and social’ can help you as a mentor and instructor provide a great first-time experience – one that makes the newcomer eager to come back for more,” said Melissa Schilling, director of recruitment and retention for NSSF.

The NSSF-supported study, “Understanding Activities That Compete With Hunting and Target Shooting,” was conducted by Southwick Associates and Responsive Management, two respected research firms focusing on outdoor participation and identifying challenges to growing hunting and shooting.

The goal of the study is to better understand other outdoor activities that compete with hunting and target shooting so that the right promotional strategies can be used to reach newcomers and lapsed participants.

Among the other conclusions of the study was that electronic and indoor recreation are a threat to recruiting new hunters and target shooters, though using social media can be a powerful tool to recruit newcomers and keep current participants active, as a recent e-marketing program in Florida demonstrated by increasing hunting license renewals by 4.2 percent. Also, when promoting target shooting and hunting, think convenience and perception.

“People will not always choose to participate in their favorite activity,” the report noted. “Often, activities that offer greater convenience will be chosen over favored pastimes.”
NSSF encourages every individual, organization or company associated with the shooting sports to read the full study here.

The Learn to Shoot section of NSSF’s website provides a number of resources to help individuals locate nearby shooting ranges, First Shots seminars, safety courses and firearms retailers.
View the NSSF press release reporting on this study.

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