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Welcome to the Digital Range Report

Here it is: the first exclusively digital edition of The Range Report. Though appearing in a different format than the paper publication readers are used to seeing, the magazine’s mission remains the same: To provide information in an entertaining manner to help shooting facilities run their operations more financially, legally and environmentally sound and, ultimately, to provide their customers and club members the most enjoyable experience possible. And, now, we hope we can fulfill that mission better than ever.

Readers will continue to learn from experts in the field.  Real-world situations will serve as examples from which to gain knowledge. That hasn’t changed from the paper edition of The Range Report.

Of course, in the previous “generation” of the magazine, what you saw is what you got. In other words, if the magazine were 24 pages, you could hold in your hands those two-dozen pages of text and images, and know that if you read it from cover to cover, as so many of our readers say they do, you viewed it all.

With this digital edition, however, The Range Report not only provides a finite number of pages, but it also serves as a springboard to links full of more information—and those links may lead to yet more tips, advice and help. The magazine before you is both an end unto itself, as well as a portal to ever-more information and entertainment.

Furthermore, the digital Range Report serves as the centerpiece of a new website designed for the shooting range community. Here you cannot only find the most current edition of the magazine, but you can also find archived back issues. “Sighting In,” the popular page in the magazine that “scopes out news for the shooting range community,” will be refreshed continually on the website, so that you won’t have to wait for the next seasonal edition to get your next dose of range-industry developments. Check the website regularly for updates to “Sighting In.”

Also at the website will be the opportunity for you to ask questions. Those questions will be forwarded to our Range Advisory Committee and other experts, and the answers may appear on the website or in future issues of The Range Report. The website, too, provides the chance for you to ask questions of me, the editor of this magazine, regarding articles that have appeared and topics you would like to see covered in future editions. Though the lines of communication between editor and reader have always been open, perhaps the website will make it even more convenient for you to touch base.

As you look at the table of contents of this first exclusively digital edition of the magazine, the authors of the articles become obvious. However, other important contributors are not as apparent.

Of course, every issue’s design, when the magazine was in print and now that it is digital, has been guided by the artistic eye and skills of Deb Moran, NSSF director of creative services, who serves as the art director of The Range Report.

Another unseen, but regular contributor to the publication is Ann Siladi, a key member of NSSF’s marketing communications team, who fields the magazine’s advertising inquiries. She has taken on that responsibility with zeal, trying to attract members of the industry whom Ann knows would profit by promoting their products and services to our readership.

NSSF’s staff is manned—and “womanned”—by true leaders in emerging media, such as Bill Dunn, who heads the marketing communications team as its managing director. Besides Bill are colleagues Laura Springer, NSSF manager, emerging media, and Erik Scarpati, NSSF’s emerging media specialist.  These folks rolled up their sleeves when challenged with creating a platform for this digital edition—and the new Range Report website—and the results are on your screen.

I can assure you, however, that we will never be content with status quo.  You are looking at the first exclusively digital edition of The Range Report, but you can bet that as technology improves and you—the reader—and we—the “publisher”—keep looking for ways to make this magazine even better, The Range Report will continue to evolve, never forgetting its mission to serve the shooting facilities that are its intended beneficiary.

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