Home on the Range — 22 January 2014

What Is on the Range Report Website for You?

Glenn Sapir is NSSF Director, Editorial Services. One of the key responsibilities of that position is serving as the editor of The Range Report, something he has done for more than 10 years.

The Range Report is ever evolving, always with the goal of best serving the shooting range industry. It began as an irregularly appearing newsletter, progressed to quarterly magazine status and now has graduated to monthly frequency as an electronic newsletter. The important complement to that newsletter is The Range Report website, www.rangereport.org.

This is where the content of the newsletter lives, along with its neighbors—the feature articles and departments from past issues. Here you can find an archive of Features, Q&A, Sighting In, The Undercover Shooter and this very department, Home on the Range.

The goal of the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Range Report is to help our readers run their facilities more fiscally, environmentally and legally sound and to provide the best experience they can to their customers and club members. Every element of the website can help the shooting range community do that.

The features are written primarily by topnotch freelance writers who have both a strong sense of the shooting world and the communication skills to deliver their stories effectively. In some cases, the articles are written by experts in the shooting range industry, and if they need some help dotting their “i”s and crossing their “t”s, then we’re here to lend our editing skills to their work.

The Q&A, of course, stands for Questions and Answers, and we bring in industry experts, members of NSSF’s Range Advisory Committee and other shooting range professionals, to field the questions. The collection of these Q&A departments could comprise a handbook on shooting facility management, but that can be said for every facet of The Range Report.

The Undercover Shooter reveals the experiences and impressions of a writer who visits two shooting ranges in the same general vicinity. He or she never identifies himself or herself to the management as a writer, so that no special favors are given. Reading about the customer service and conditions encountered should serve as an excellent point of comparison, for better or worse, with your own facility and, hopefully, help you see areas where perhaps you can strengthen your operation. In this edition, however, the Undercover Shooter department serves another purpose and identifies the author. It is an exception that you should read.

Home on the Range is called that because its authors are home-grown, NSSF staff members who lend their expertise to the monthly newsletter. In my 10 years of working with the staff of NSSF I have come to greatly admire and respect the abilities of each person who works for your industry’s trade association. When a valuable topic is identified each month, the appropriate in-house expert takes authorship.

Sighting In is a collection of short, NSSF-related items of interest to the shooting range community. It may be an announcement of an upcoming workshop, a new study or—well, just about anything that might prove of value to you.

Almost every week day, Ranges in the News is refreshed with links to shooting range-related news items that have appeared in the media. They can help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry across the country. If you are planning an indoor shooting range in Washington State, you might find value in reading an article about a proposed range in Florida that ran into permitting problems or, perhaps, found a way to breeze through a city council approval vote. You might find articles that strike much closer to home and alert you to issues and concerns that might affect you.

Throw in a convenient way to Email the Editor, with gripes, questions and suggestions to improve the content of the newsletter and the website. Interested in subscribing to the newsletter for free, just in case you aren’t already getting it? Have thoughts about proposing a feature article that you would write—for payment—for The Range Report? The website accommodates that, too. Just click on “Subscribe” and “Contributor Guidelines,” and you’ll find what you are looking for.

So, become more familiar with www.rangereport.org. You just might make it a regular stop on your daily Internet journey.

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