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Wheretoshoot.org – The Go-To Search Engine for Shooters and Shooting Ranges

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s wheretoshoot.org website is one of the most comprehensive search engines for the shooting community since its creation in 1997. The directory provides quick and easy access to target shooting facilities across the United States. Wheretoshoot.org is not only a great resource for those looking for a place to shoot; but with a recent monthly average of nearly 150,000 visits to the website, it also serves as a source of free promotion for shooting ranges looking to increase business and/or membership.

What makes wheretoshoot so useful for ranges and shooters? It gives ranges the ability to list all the different aspects of their business from the shooting disciplines that are available to organized competitions and additional services the facility offers. Providing this detailed information to people looking for a place to shoot helps to ensure they find just the right venue to accommodate their needs and interests.

With the success of the wheretoshoot website over its 17-year existence, it only made sense to start riding the wave of technological innovation by creating a wheretoshoot app. This has proven to be a huge hit with all iPhone and Android users. Shortly after its launch in the spring of 2013, the app soared to the No. 4 spot for free sports apps in Apple’s App Store, contending with other popular sports apps from ESPN, Yahoo Sports and Major League Baseball. To date the app has been downloaded more than 140,000 times.

The app enables NSSF to put North America’s most comprehensive shooting range directory in the palms of shooters’ hands. The app makes it easier than ever for people to find places to shoot that meet their needs while also providing another free promotional vehicle for shooting ranges. Like the website, the app allows the users to identify ranges that are close to their current location as well as locations across the country. The app also provides, in addition to range listings, a wealth of other information such as video tips for shooters, news and firearms safety information.

In a nutshell, the wheretoshoot website and app are two other vehicles shooting ranges should utilize to give their business increased exposure beyond the other marketing and promotional methods currently being used. Considering the cost for utilizing this advertising tool is just five minutes of your time to ensure your range is accurately listed, you can see it’s a wise investment.

Being an NSSF range member has its benefits when it comes to wheretoshoot as well. As an NSSF member, your range business is highlighted in bold and will stand on the top of the list in the search results.

Attention all range owners, managers and active club members: Now that you know more about this free valuable resource, it’s time to make sure your range is listed. If your range isn’t already listed, add it today by simply going to wheretoshoot and clicking on list your range. From there make sure to add all of the essential information related to your range business.

If your range is already listed, review your listing to make sure all information currently provided is accurate and up to date. If you need to modify your range listing, click on update your range. To update your listing you will first need to locate your range by using the Find Your Range link. Once you’ve located and selected your range listing page, click the “Update Listing” link, which will be on the bottom of the screen.

NSSF will continue to explore and refine wheretoshoot to ensure its reputation as the best shooting range directory available. With this in mind, keep your eyes posted in the coming months for new updates to the website and app that will improve a user’s overall experience and satisfaction with this one-of-a-kind app.

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