Even the most talented competitors can’t expect to break records unless they have the right kind of equipment to support them. That said, if you’re into competitive shooting, you will need quality holsters to keep your guns nearby. But, that’s not all – you also need a reliable gun belt to provide a safe and secure platform for the holsters.

The bad news is that you can’t use just any belt for this purpose. You need a belt that’s specially designed to provide maximum performance, helping your efforts on the professional stage. The good news is that you can find all kinds of top-class gun belts on Amazon.

So, what does this all entail? What kind of traits should a quality competition gun belt have? First of all, it needs to be made of quality material, which will not sag, stretch, or break due to heavy-duty use. Such a material also needs to be relatively lightweight in order for you to feel no discomfort while wearing the belt.

We also mustn’t forget the design. The belt needs to be designed with gun carry in mind. It needs to enable you to quickly attach/detach the holsters, regardless of whether they’re meant for IWB or OWB carry.

Best Belts for Competition Shooting Including 3-Gun, USPSA and IDPA

Now that you’ve learned what kind of belt you need for competitive shooting, it’s time to learn how and where to find them. Amazon is your best choice; that’s the place where you can find literally hundreds of different belts for sale.

The problem is that not all of those belts are good enough for competitive shooting. You need the very best one in order to do well at a pro-level competition. Finding such a belt might prove challenging, considering that the offer is vast.

To find it, you need to invest a lot of time and energy. Or you can leave everything to us? We’ve already done thorough research and were able to select four products which deserve to be called the best. With that in mind, we present you the best gun belts for shooting competitions such as IDPA, USPSA< and 3-Gun.

Competition Combo Shooter Rig by Black Scorpion

This is an IPSC & USPSA competition gun belt, which is made of top-quality materials, such as nylon and ABS polymer. Thanks to the fact that such materials were used in its construction, the belt is both lightweight and incredibly rugged. It’s also very comfy to wear and is available in three different dimensions.

The belt also features four pouches, which you can use to store magazines. You can use it for single stack, as well as double-stack magazines. Another great thing about this belt is that it’s made to stay in its place. What this means is that once you try to quickly draw the gun out, the belt will not make it more difficult for you in any way.


  • Designed for very fast draw
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Four magazine pouches


  • None

Belt System for 3-Gun Competition by Uncle Mike’s

The first thing we need to point out about this belt is that it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Actually, there aren’t many gun belts that are as comfy as this one. It’s because it’s made of a soft material, with a padded inside. This means that no matter how many guns you carry, you won’t feel any discomfort.

Speaking of gun carry, you can use this belt to attach a number of OWB and IWB holsters, as well as several IWB magazine pouches. Another awesome thing about this belt is that there’s no buckle. Instead, a hoop and loop wrap closure is used, which is another thing that adds to the user convenience.




  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Suitable with all kinds of
  • Easy to put on/off



  • Might not be as durable as the previous one

Ells Comp Belt by Safariland

Unlike the first two gun belts on our list, this one is made of genuine leather. And that makes it incredibly sturdy and durable. Another thing by premium-grade leather such as the one used for the construction of this belt is that it doesn’t break or stretch easily. On top of everything, this material is also hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable choice for those suffering from allergies.

Not only is it made of quality leather, but this belt is also reinforced in order to be able to hold heavy competition guns, magazines, and other gear. It’s also designed to give you the freedom to mount planets at any position you wish. There are holes all over the belt, so you can easily choose the ideal position for keeping your gun.

On top of everything, this gun belt also looks very nice. Its black color and interesting design make it a sort of trendy fashion choice. What we’re saying is that you will be able to use this belt for other purposes apart from shooting competitions.




  • Made of genuine leather
  • Pre-cut holes for easy holster
  • Nice design
  • Very sturdy and very durable



  • None

Tactical Competition Belt by Uncle Mike’s

Here’s a belt designed to be as stable as possible. Its design is such that there’s an inner-belt that goes through the belt loops on your trousers, as well as an outer-belt, which goes over hem and attaches to the Velcro. This way, the belt will stay in its place no matter what. And that can mean a lot for improving your performances on the professional stage – you will be able to draw the gun fast, without the belt giving you any problems.

The belt is made of nylon and polymer, which makes it very soft and comfy to carry. The polymer reinforcement is actually the reason why this belt can be used for competitions. It creates a stable platform for carrying several guns at once, as well as many magazines.




  • Very stable and secure
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures your comfort



  • Might not be too durable


It’s time to get ready for a gun completion
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be pleased with your buying choice.

It’s because every gun belt we reviewed
here is designed with competitions in mind. That said, all of these belts are
bound to improve your performances. Each of these belts will ensure a fast
draw, as well as provide a stable and comfy platform for carrying multiple guns
at once. This means that you will have nothing to worry about anything belt
related – you’ll be able to focus on your target and nothing else.