If you prefer to open carry your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, you have several options before you. Some like to carry it over the waistband, on the hip, at the back, or even on your thigh. Actually, for many gun enthusiasts, the so-called drop leg carry is the preferred choice.

The reasons for that are numerous, starting with the fact that it’s a very comfortable way to carry your gun. Because the weight is evenly distributed over your leg and hip, you should feel no discomfort while carrying the gun. Another reason is that the gun is easy to reach, which means that drawing is very fast.

Furthermore, keeping the gun on your thigh also means that it will stay in an upright position unless you decide otherwise. This means that this kind of holster design ensures your and everyone else’s security – the gun won’t move an inch while place inside a drop leg tactical holster. And the final thing in favor of these types of holsters is that they look really cool. 

If you agree with us, you’re probably wondering where to find a good drop leg holster for your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. If so, the answer is: here! We’re now going to help you find your ideal holster, which will provide you with unparalleled convenience while carrying your handgun.

Best Tactical Thigh Holsters for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

We picked for tactical drop leg holsters that we believe are perfect for use with Smith & Wesson M&P Shield handguns. Each of these holsters is molded to fit perfectly this type of gun, as well as other handguns of similar sizes. Your piece will stay in its position if you use one of these four holsters. And when the time comes to draw it, you will have an easy job, considering that each of them is designed to ensure a super-fast draw.

Apart from ensuring your convenience, these four holsters are also built to last for a long time. Their construction is sturdy and the materials they’re made of are super-durable. What this means is that if you buy one of these, you won’t have to get another one any time soon.

But, which of these four is your ideal choice. The best thing you can do is read our reviews and make your decision based on that.

Pro-Tech Outdoors Nylon Tactical Leg Holster

This holster has a strap that’s attached to the waistband and two that go around your thigh. That makes it as secure as possible. Furthermore, there’s a safety strap that will keep the gun in its place no matter what. Of course, in order to draw the gun out, you will have to detach the quick-release fastener.

The good news is that even when the gun is not secured with the safety strap, it’s still almost impossible to fall out. It’s because this holster is specially designed with Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in mind, as well as other guns of similar dimensions. Another thing that adds to its convenience is the magazine pouch that’s built-in.

When it comes to the construction, this holster is made of strong double-stitched nylon, which makes it sturdy, yet pretty lightweight. And inside the holster, there’s a vinyl vapor barrier that will keep moisture away from your piece.


  • Very comfortable
  • Very secure
  • Built to last


  • Right draw only

Fobus Paddle Holster with Thigh Rig Drop Leg Platform

Here’s a compact and lightweight holster made of injection-molded polymer, which comes with a thigh rig drop leg platform. This means that you can use the holster as an IWB or an OWB holster, as well as to mount it onto your upper leg. If the latter is your choice, the holster will provide you with incredible comfort and convenience.

It’s designed to be used with Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and similar guns, so once you place it inside, it will stay there. There aren’t any special safety features, but the gun is bound to stay in its position no matter what. And when it comes to drawing it, you can do it super-quickly.


  • Very lightweight construction
  • Made of durable material that’s almost impossible to break
  • Convenient to carry
  • Very fast draw


  • Right draw only

Akar Tactical Drop Leg Thigh Holster with Magazine Pouch

Here’s another incredibly secure holster that will keep your Shield handgun in place. It’s because this holster is attached to the belt, with two straps fastening it around your thigh. Once you’ve set it up, it will feel very comfortable and, more importantly, will ensure the gun stays in its position.

To be absolutely sure the gun won’t drop out of the holster, you can use the additional wrap-around safety feature. A great thing is that the safety will not slow you down when gun drawing is concerned. It’s because it features an adjustable thumb break that guarantees a fast draw. Finally, this holster also comes with a built-in pouch for one additional magazine.


  • Very secure and reliable
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Fast draw


  • Might not be the most durable holster in the world
  • Right draw only

Barsony Tactical Leg Holster with Single Mag Pouch

Unlike the other three items we reviewed, this holster is available in two variants, one for those who prefer left draw and one for right-handed users. Same as those three holsters, this one too is made to fit Shield and similar handguns perfectly.

That said, putting your S&M M&P Shield in the holster will ensure it stays in its position. But, there are a few features meant to make it even more secure. There’s a safety strap with a thumb-break. When it comes to the way the holster is mounted onto the thigh, it’s done with a single strap; the other one is attached to the belt of your trousers.


  • Available in left and right-draw versions
  • Secure, yet easy to draw
  • Comfy to wear
  • Reasonable price


  • Might not be too durable


If carrying your Smith & Wesson on your thigh is what you want to do, you ought to get yourself a good drop leg tactical holster. And if you buy one of the four we reviewed, you’re gonna get yourself a superb holster. Each of those four deserves to be called the best.

But, which one should you go with? If you’re a left-handed users, it’s obvious that Barsony’s holster is your best choice; the other three are available only in versions for right draw. And if you want a holster that you will be able to carry elsewhere (e.g. inside the waistband), the one manufactured Fobus could be perfect for you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other two aren’t good choices. On the contrary, each holster we reviewed would be a fantastic buying choice. That’s why there really is no need to waste too much time on making your decision. Just pick one of these and buy it on Amazon!