When it comes to gun carry, there are different positions you can choose. For many people who prefer concealed carry, keeping the gun in an appendix holster is the ideal option. The reason is not just that the gun will stay away from curious eyes of passersby, but also because appendix carry also ensures a fast draw.

Appendix carry also adds to your comfort as the weight of the gun is equally distributed across the belt to which the holster is attached. Speaking of which, an important factor for safe and comfortable appendix carry is the belt. You need the best gun belt for appendix carry!

Such a belt needs to be thick and made of genuine leather in order to provide a suitable platform for your appendix holster. Apart from being reliable, such a belt will also feel comfortable. The thing about leather is that it’s a hypoallergenic type of material. And this means that even if you suffer from allergies, you will be able to use a leather belt.

The belt you buy for your appendix holster can be used for other purposes as well. You can use it for other types of holsters, including those for concealed carry as well as those meant for outside-the-waistband carry. And you can also use it as a regular belt, especially if its design is elegant.

Best Gun Belts for Appendix CCW

Finding the best gun belt for appendix carry is not as easy as you might thing. The reason is that the offer is ginormous. There are literally thousands of different models out there, so picking out the best ones requires a lot of work.

You surely don’t want to waste too much time doing such research. This is why we’ve decided to help you out and select four products which we believe to be your best options. We picked four belts that have all the traits necessary for them to be called the best gun belts for appendix carry. Buy one of these and you won’t regret your choice.

So, which of the four best belts for appendix carry should you go for? Read our reviews first and make your decision based on that!

Hanks Old World Belt for Appendix Carry

The main great thing about this belt is that it’s made of genuine leather. And the leather used is of the highest quality. The belt is made out of one single piece of leather, because of which you can be sure that it will not break, stretch, or sag even if you use it on a regular basis.

And because this is a heavy-duty leather-made belt, it’s a perfect platform for appendix holsters. Attaching your gun holster to this belt means that the gun will stay in its position. It also means that you won’t feel any discomfort wearing it.

Another big advantage of this belt is that its design is very elegant, regardless of which of its three color versions you pick. Because of this, the belt is suitable for purposes other than gun carry. You can use it as an everyday belt as well.


  • Made of top-quality USA leather
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Classy design
  • Available in three colors


  • Could’ve been a bit cheaper

Magpul Tejas Gun Belt

Made of bullhide leather with reinforced polymer interior, this belt is guaranteed to serve you well for a long time. It’s incredibly sturdy and durable, so you got nothing to worry about sagging and stretching. And for those reasons, the belt is a perfect choice for appendix gun carry. Actually, you can use it for other types of gun carry as well, including both IWB and OWB.

The belt also looks nice with a pretty elegant design and a metal buckle. It’s available in three different colors, all of which make it look classy. The belt is also reasonably priced, which makes it a fantastic choice for everyone, including those who have no intention of carrying a gun.


  • Made of fine-quality bullhide leather
  • Very rugged
  • Elegant design
  • Available in three different colors
  • Reasonable price


  • None

B08 Garrison Belt by Aker Leather

Same as the other two belts, this one too is made of genuine leather. The leather used for this belt is cowhide. The belt is available in two different styles – plain and basketweave. Go with plain style if elegance is what you’re looking for. Choose basketweave if you want a trendy leather belt. Another great thing about this belt is that it has a replaceable buckle, so you can put one that you like the most.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure the belt is going to serve you very well. Because it’s made of real cowhide, the belt is sturdy and durable. Such, it’s an ideal platform for all kinds of gun holsters, including those for appendix carry. On top of everything, the belt is also pretty affordable. Actually, this is one of the cheapest appendix-carry leather belts you can find.


  • Made of genuine cowhide
  • A very sturdy belt
  • Available in two styles
  • Removable belt
  • Very reasonable price


  • Only available in black color

Hanks Bonnie Gun Belt for Appendix Carry

Here’s another belt that looks really beautiful. It’s both classy and trendy at the same time. The belt is available in three color styles, each of which looks awesome. But, it’s not the looks that makes this belt a perfect choice for appendix gun carry.

What makes it a superb choice for this purpose is the fact that it’s made of genuine leather, which makes it resistant to sagging, stretching, and breaking. What this practically means is that this belt can serve you well forever. Speaking of its longevity, the manufacturer is so convinced this belt is going to last for a long time that they’re giving a century-long warranty on this product.

As you can see, everything about this belt seems amazing, its price included. Although it’s not the cheapest belt you can find, it can’t be considered expensive. Especially knowing how high level of quality it brings along.


  • Made of top-class leather
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in three styles
  • Very durable with a 100-year warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • None


Now that you’ve read our reviews, you should be able to pick the best one for you. Although all four are excellent choices, it’s totally up to you to decide which one suits you the best. If you ask us for an opinion, we say buy all four of them!

But, even if you decided to choose one of them on random, you would not make a bad buying choice. And once you’ve made that choice, all that’s left is to go to Amazon and order your new appendix-carry belt. The reason why Amazon is your best online marketplace for gun belts is that you can get them at affordable prices from reliable sources.