Do you want to keep your gun concealed inside the waistband, but also to be able to draw it fast? If so, you need an IWB holster, that is, an inside-the-waistband holster. This is a kind of item that will keep your gun away from the curious eyes, while still enabling you to draw it easily if you get into such a situation.

Apart from that, a holster also needs to keep your gun safe and secure. What we’re saying is that an IWB holster is meant to ensure the gun doesn’t drop out or fire by accident. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the gun is tucked inside the waistband, the chance that the bad guys would get ahold of it before you are close to zero. If anyone tried to get it out, you would notice it in time.

Now that you see that an IWB holster is an awesome thing to own, you’re probably wondering which one to get. Well, the thing about shopping for holsters is that you need to find one with a mold that perfectly suits your handgun. If you own a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, we’re gonna help you with your quest!

Best IWB Holsters For Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Just having the size that fits does not make an IWB holster a good choice. It needs to be awesome in many other aspects in order to be called the best. First of all, it needs to be made of sturdy and durable materials, so that it would serve you well for a long time. Apart from ensuring its longevity, high-quality materials also ensure its reliability – an awesome holster will not break when you least expect it.

The best IWB holsters also need to feel comfortable. After all, you’re carrying it very close to your body, so it mustn’t cause any irritations or pain. It also needs to be easy to draw, as well as secure. Once you put your Shield handgun in the holster, it must stay there until you change your mind.

So, where to look for holsters like these? Amazon is the right place for holster shopping and if you want to buy the best one, stay put because we’re now gonna present you with our top picks. Here are our reviews of the four best IWB holsters for S&W M&P Shield!


The first IWB holster on our list is one made by BLACKHAWK!, an American manufacturer of military and police equipment. The fact that this company sells its products to the military tells everything about their quality. And one of the best holsters in this manufacturer’s collection is SERPA CQC Concealment Holster, a compact holster designed to keep the gun in place.

It uses SERPA Auto-Lock technology, which ensures the gun will stay in its place until you use the release feature. That said, even though the holster looks small, it’s actually incredibly safe and secure. Being small actually makes it more convenient to carry. Using this IWB holster means being able to easily conceal your handgun.

The holster is also very rugged, so you can expect it to be your faithful servant for a long time. Hearing all these awesome things about BLACKHAWK! SERPA CQC might make you think that this is an expensive item, but just the opposite is true.


  • Compact size
  • Very secure
  • Easy to conceal
  • Fast draw
  • Reasonable price


  • None

Kydex Holster: Galco Triton for M&P Shield

The second holster on our list is the one made by Galco Gunleather, who used Kydex to construct it. This a type of advanced plastic, which is incredibly durable and very rugged. Thanks to this fact, if you buy this IWB holster, you probably won’t need to get another one anytime soon. Actually, this holster can serve you for life.

Apart from being sturdy, it’s also very lightweight. And that makes it easy to carry. You won’t feel any discomfort while having it inside your waistband, where it’s gonna be tucked away from curious looks. And when it comes to keeping the gun in place, you got nothing to worry about. It will stay in the holster until you decide to take it out.

Everything about this IWB holster seems amazing apart from the fact that it’s not cheap. Still, considering how awesome it is, buying it would definitely be a smart move.


  • Made of Kydex
  • Built to last for a long time
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to draw the gun


  • Not very affordable

Leather Option: OutBags USA Holster

Leather is one of the best materials for holsters for the fact that it’s sturdy and durable, not to mention that it feels good on the skin. If you’re gonna carry the holster inside the waistband, you need it to be made of a soft and gentle material. And leather seems perfect!

Apart from using fine material for this holster, OutBags also made sure it’s designed the right way. The IWB holster was handcrafted, keeping the user-convenience and safety in mind. The result is that this item is easy to conceal, as well as very easy to use. You will have no problems putting your handgun in and out. But, at the same time, the gun will stay in its place thanks to the fact that it’s molded specially for S&W M&P Shield and handguns of the same dimensions.


  • Made of genuine leather
  • Built to last
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Convenient to use


  • The gun doesn’t draw too fast

Holster For Shield with Crimson Trace: Desantis Mini Scabbard

The final item on our list is one of the smallest holsters you can find. And because it’s so tiny, it’s incredibly easy to conceal. But, if a holster is small, there’s always worry that the gun might drop out of it. However, that’s not the case with Desantis Mini Scabbard; it’s designed to keep the handgun in place!

It’s made of genuine leather and molded to the exact dimensions of Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. So, if this is the gun you’re using, you have nothing to worry about. Buy Desantis Mini Scabbard and you’ll be able to keep it in a safe and concealed place behind your waistband.


  • Very small size
  • Made of leather
  • Reasonable price


  • Not too fast gun draw


There you have it – our four reviews of what we think are the best IWB holsters for S&W M&P Shield. Each of these holsters is a fantastic choice, but which one you should get is up to you. It depends on your own preferences. Some of these are made of leather, others of plastic; some are super-small; some come with special safety feature, and so on.

But, no matter which of these you buy, we guarantee you won’t get disappointed. That’s why our final advice for you is to go straight to Amazon and purchase one of these right away!