If you prefer carrying your gun concealed, you will need a holster for that kind of carry. What you will also need is a platform to attach that holster to. And the platform we’re talking about is a reliable leather belt.

When it comes to concealed carry, it’s about discretion, but also about your own safety. This is why you ought to make sure to buy the best possible gun belt for leather carry. And the easiest way to find such a belt is to focus only on those made of genuine leather.

Leather is a kind of material that seems perfect for gun belts for concealed carry. First of all, leather is a sturdy material that doesn’t break easily. It also creates a pleasant feel when in touch with bare skin. And on top of that, it’s hypoallergenic, meaning that even people suffering from allergies can carry such belts.

Buying a quality gun belt made of genuine leather is a good choice for another reason – you can use it as any other regular. Even when you’re not carrying a gun, you can wear your gun belt to keep your pants tight.

Best Leather Gun Belts for CCW

There are literally hundreds of manufacturers of leather goods that sell quality gun belts. At least they claim their products are quality, but how can you be certain of that before buying one? Rather than risking anything, we say it’s best to play it safe. And by that, we mean that you ought to read our reviews!

We picked out four products which we believe are the best leather gun belts for CCW. These belts are made to last for decades, providing a safe and reliable platform for carrying a gun holster. Each of these four belts deserves your attention.

Each of them is a fantastic buying option. However, which one should you choose depends on your own preferences. What you got to do is go through our reviews and make your decision based on them. So, without any further ado, here are our top picks!

The Ultimate CCW Leather Gun Belt by Relentless Tactical

Handmade in the United States, using genuine 14oz leather, this gun belt is a fantastic choice for concealed carry. It’s incredibly sturdy and very durable. Its life is measured not in years, but in decades. And during that time, you can be sure the gun won’t break or get damaged in any other way. Because it’s made for heavy-duty use, the belt is a favorite of safety-weary gun owner.

Apart from being rugged and reliable, this belt is also beautiful in its appearance. It’s available in two different styles, namely stitched style and basketweave. Each of these styles is available in two colors – black and brown. What this practically means is that you should have no problems finding a belt that would perfectly go with your fashion style.

Still not sure that this gun belt is a good buying choice? You should also know that the belt is very reasonably priced. Considering that it looks amazing and that it’s made of genuine leather, we can say that it’s actually pretty cheap.


  • Made of USA leather
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in different colors and styles
  • Reasonable price


  • None

Extreme Gun Belt by Hanks (Leather)

According to the manufacturer, this is the toughest belt you can find. It’s extremely thick, made of genuine leather of top quality. Thanks to this fact, you can be certain the belt will not break, stretch, or sag. At least not in the foreseeable future. Actually, this belt is expected to serve you well for many, many decades. And the manufacturer is so sure of that that they’re giving a 100-year warranty on this gun belt.

Being durable and sturdy is its main trait, but it’s not the only one. The belt is also fantastic when it comes to the looks. It’s both trendy and elegant at the same time, regardless of whether you choose the black or brown color version. And on top of everything, the belt is also pretty reasonably priced.


  • Very thick and sturdy
  • Warranty in the duration of 100 years
  • Classy design
  • Reasonably-priced belt


  • Only available in classic design

Stitched Leather Gun Belt By Bianchi

If you’re a fashion-conscious gun owner, this belt might be your best choice. It’s made of brown leather with oil tan finish, which makes it shiny and beautiful. Add to that the fact that there’s artistic stitching across the belt, as well as a brass buckle and you’ll realize that this might be exactly the type of fashion item you need.

Another there’s another thing about this belt’s design – it’s reversible. Just turn it around and you’ll get a suede belt. Apart from looking nice, the belt is also amazing for the fact that it provides a safe and secure platform for concealed gun carry. For all these reasons, we can’t say it’s expensive, even though it’s also not the cheapest leather belt you can find.


  • Beautiful design
  • Reversible design
  • Rugged and durable
  • Not too pricey


  • Only available in brown color

Gunner Belt By Hanks

Unlike the previous belt which is available only in one color, this one is available in five different colors, namely black, brown, chestnut, oak, and natural. And all of these colors look very elegant. Looking nice is not the only advantage of this belt; it’s also its durability and ruggedness.

Considering that it’s made of genuine leather, you can be sure that this belt is going to serve you for a long time, without breaking. And by that, we mean decades, not years. In fact, the manufacturer is certain this belt is going to last for a long time, which is why Hanks is giving a warranty in the duration of 100 years.

One final thing we need to mention about this belt is that its price is pretty affordable. Actually, it’s one of the cheapest belts on our list.


  • Available in five colors
  • Classic belt design
  • Rugged and durable
  • 100-years-long warranty
  • Not too high price


  • None


There you have it, our reviews of what we believe to be the best leather belts for concealed gun carry. Choose one of these and you won’t be disappointed. Each of them is made of premium-grade leather, which means that buying it is a purchase for a lifetime. The belt is going to serve you forever. And it’s going to serve you very well, without any breaking, sagging, or stretching.

Every single one of these belts is also very reasonably priced, meaning that you ought to make your buying decision based on nothing else except your fashion taste. Whichever you like the best, that’s the one to go for. And once you’ve made your decision, the only thing that is left to do is to go to Amazon and buy it.