These kinds of belts got their name from parachute riggers, who use incredibly tough materials to make strong belts. The original purpose of the belts is to attach them to the airplane safety line before jumping off. However, over the years, people started using riggers belts for many different purposes.

Thanks to the fact they are incredibly rugged, they’ve become popular for use as gun belts. Most of these belts have a breaking strength of over 7,000 lbs., which makes them a suitable solution for anyone looking for a secure platform for gun carry.

If you’re one of the people who need a tough and sturdy gun belt, buying a riggers belt could be your best option. Wearing this belt around your waist means that you have nothing to worry that your gun will slip – it will stay in its place. And considering that these belts are neither too firm nor too flexible, you can be sure there will be no problems quickly drawing your gun if needed.

Of course, all of this is true only if you buy yourself a quality riggers belt. So, how can you find one such item? With our help, easily! We’re now going to help you find one such belt, which is going to serve you for a long time, causing no worries along the way.

4 Best Riggers Belts for Gun Carry

Being sturdy and durable is the most important thing about riggers belts, but it’s not the only one. If you’re going to buy one such belt, you want it also to be easy to use. And when it comes to the ease of use of belts, what you should be looking at is the buckle. Your ideal riggers belt needs to come with a reliable buckle that’s not hard to use.

Apart from that, the belt also needs to be made of fine materials, which are comfy, as well as hypoallergenic. In most cases, these belts are constructed of nylon, which seems like perfect material for this purpose.

Even though you’re going to use the belt for gun carry, you still want it to look nice, so that you can keep it on your waist all the time. Its design and color need to make it look classy and elegant, rather than being an eyesore.

Finally, your ideal riggers belt also needs to be reasonably priced. You surely don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single item. If you agree with us, the next part is where you will find riggers belts that match the description. So, let’s start with reviewing the best riggers belts for gun carry!

BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger’s Belt

The first item on our list is a true riggers belt, manufactured by a company famous for the quality of their product. Whichever belt you buy from BLACKHAWK! Collection, you just cannot make a mistake. That said, if you buy this one, you won’t have to get another gun belt for years, or even decades.

So, what’s so special about this riggers belt? First of all, 75-inch webbing was used for the construction of the belt, which makes it incredibly rugged. At the same time, it is very firm, which makes it a stable platform for gun carry. With this belt on your waist, you can put as many gun holsters as you want and it will stay in its place, without bending even a little bit.

Another reason why this belt is a good choice is that it looks pretty elegant with its monochrome design. Speaking of which, the belt is available in four different colors, namely black, coyote tan, desert sand brown, and olive drab. It’s guaranteed to look nice, regardless of which you choose. It’s also available in three different dimensions – small, medium, and large. But, even if you pick one that’s larger than necessary, there is a hook-and-loop that will secure the running end.


  • Incredibly sturdy and durable
  • Classic design, thus suitable for different purposes
  • Available in four different colors
  • Reasonable price


  • Only three sizes to choose from
  • Might not be easy to unbuckle

Propper Tactical Duty Belt

You probably can’t find a cheaper riggers belt than this one. Especially not such a good one. Everything about this belt seems awesome, from the fact that it’s durable, to the fact that it’s not too flashy when design is concerned.

Speaking of design, it comes in five different colors, as well as a number of different sizes. This means that you will definitely be able to find the one that will fit you perfectly. It uses a double-ring closure for buckling, which is reasonably secure. And its construction is nylon webbing, which guarantees it will stay in its place no matter how many guns you carry with you.


  • Very stable
  • Relatively easy to buckle/unbuckle
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Very, very cheap


  • Might not be as sturdy as the first belt we reviewed

5.11 Men’s Tactical 1.5″ TDU Convertible Multi-Functional Patrol Belt

Here’s another affordable belt with impressive construction. It’s made of nylon webbing, which is resistant to fraying. It also comes with quadruple stitching, which is meant to reinforce it even more. The result is that this belt is one of the sturdiest you can find.

It comes with a plastic belt, which is also very rugged and pretty easy to use. And not only can you use it as a gun belt, but you can also turn it into a carry strap. The belt is available in three colors – black, coyote, and TDU green. And it’s also available in different dimensions, so you will probably be able to find that suits you the most.


  • Extremely rugged
  • A very stable platform for gun carry
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Not too easy to buckle/unbuckle

Elite CO Shooters Belt with Cobra Buckle

The fact that it comes with a genuine COBRA buckle shows that this belt is a fantastic choice. This buckle is famous for being incredibly reliable, as well as easy to use. Apart from having a fantastic buckle, this belt itself is very sturdy and durable. Made of double-layered nylon webbing, it’s a perfect platform for carrying any kind of gun.

On top of everything, the belt looks really nice and is available in three different colors – black, coyote brown, and wolf black. When it comes to sizes, there are four of them to pick from. Not too much, but you will probably be able to find the size that’s right for you.


  • Original COBRA buckle
  • Incredibly durable
  • Elegant design


  • Not too many sizes to choose from
  • Not the cheapest belt you can find


Now that you’ve read our reviews of best riggers belts for gun carry, you will have no problems picking the best one for you. If you’re not against spending a bit more to get the best-possible belt, we say go with the last one we reviewed.

But, if you want to save some money, maybe your best pick is the riggers belt manufactured by the company called Propper. And if you want something in-between, our advice is to go with one of the other two belts.

Still, one thing is sure – no matter which of these four belts you choose, you won’t make a mistake. These belts are made to last for a long time, ensuring superb stability for gun carry. And the best thing is that they all look pretty nice, so you can use them for other purposes as well.